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Modern Features

We aim to stay on top of advancements in the gaming and graphics industry and bring the latest and greatest technology, such as Physically Based Rendering, to Torque 6 in a timely manner.


With a strong platform layer and graphics library Torque 6 aims to be available on as many platforms as possible using all the latest graphics technologies such as DirectX 12, Vulkan and Metal.

Free and Open-Source

Licensed under MIT and actively developed on GitHub you'll have constant access to the source code and latest developements in the engine as they happen. This also means you don't owe us any royalties for products made with Torque 6!


Torque 6 is an MIT licensed 3D engine loosely based on Torque2D. Taking the best of Torque2D and adding a modern 3D rendering engine it aims to be a contender in the free and open-source 3D engine category.

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Andrew Mac